I was looking for pictures of pregnant bellies to put on a flyer, and my older daughter came over to see what I was doing… this is the conversation that followed:

“Why is there a ribbon wrapped around that mommy’s belly?” Isy

“Because a baby is a gift.” Me

“Why?” Isy

“Because it’s miraculous how a woman’s body can support another life, grow it inside of her and bring it into the world.” Me

“What’s miraculous mommy?” Isy

“Miraculous is something that is a miracle. A miracle is an amazing thing that happens that gives us proof that there’s something bigger than ourselves.” Me

“So since I am your baby, I am your miracle?” Isy

“Yes.” Me

My babygirl laughs and somewhere a legion of fairies are born. Then she tells me, “You’re talking to a miracle right now.”


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