On Being a Woman

It’s not so easy, being born a girl,

knowing that one day you will be a woman.

It’s not fair to grow up with the thought

that you are a member of the weaker sex.

It’s not the most exciting piece of news,

when you’re told being a woman

means carrying a curse.

It’s not easy being asked if it’s

“that time of the month,”

any time you’re feeling less than pleasant.

It’s not fair that

“being a girl” is an insult,

while “manning up” is a call to action.

It’s not easy to be

objectified and marginalized.

But life isn’t easy and

the world




Yet and still,

I’d choose to be a woman any day.

Because being a woman is not a cross to bear,

but an honor bestowed by birthright.

And how we came to call something a curse

that holds the key to our very existence is beyond me,

but I’ll take my curse,

and raise you a miracle.

If being a girl means that I have emotions,

and dare to show them

or that on occasion I think with my heart

instead of my head,

then I’ll be a girl any day.

Being born a girl,

now a woman,

has made me strong.

It has made me compassionate,

and more than any other identifying marker,

it has made me proud.


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