God Complex

“There but for the grace of Doro go I.”

When you have outlived billions of people, predate Christ, are able to pass your spirit from one body to another, and have single-handedly nurtured and produced the next step in evolution by way of a new race of people who can all trace their origins directly back to you, what is to keep you from feeling like a god. What is to keep you from feeling like God (note the capital G)?

It is understandable how someone with Doro’s credentials could become a god in his own mind, but he has gone so far as to make others believe his godliness. Is it his age? Is it his power? Is it his immortality? A combination of all three?

I think the immortality factor is what carries the most weight. We accept death as a natural part of life. Death is Nature’s own checks and balances system. A person is given a lifetime to make the most of it, and then death comes when that gift has expired. And sometimes death comes early, as a subtle (or not so subtle) reminder that our time here is temporary, and no one is guaranteed to live until old age comes to call. Death is the universal equalizer, from which no one is supposed to be immune.

So for Doro to both not be able to die, and to be able to take life so easily, instantly sets him apart. He is not subject to the universal equalizer; he is not equal. Doro giveth and Doro taketh away. He has created these people, and makes no secret that he can also destroy them, which puts Doro in the place of Nature. Doro becomes their checks and balances system, and Doro becomes God.


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