The Next Step on the Evolutionary Ladder

First and foremost, I must say Happy Birthday to Ms. Butler, and welcome you to my first blog post in her honor. In light of all of the recent post-apocalyptic books, series, films and books turned films, I have often wondered, just what will happen when the world comes crashing down. I say when and not if, because given all that mankind has done to Mother Earth with little regard for the consequences both short and long term, a new world order seems to be an inevitability rather than some abstract hypothetical. And when this shift happens, I wonder, how will we, as a species, evolve?

Patternmaster is one such permutation of that evolution. Patternists vary in strength from those who lord over others with their superior mental strength, to those that have escaped evolution and are thereby unable to exert any mental strength otherwise known as telepathy. In Patternmaster, telepathy is the sixth sense, making those who can not access it, disabled… mute. They are looked on as weak and inferior, highly vulnerable and fragile. Patternists must exercise extreme restraint in the presence of mutes, or they could kill them with minimal effort.

So, what of this society where the use/ display of physical strength is considered barbaric, and battles are primarily fought in the mind? Given that our current society is the only place I can draw a comparison from, a mental society sounds so much more peaceful to me… a thoughtful place where people use their words. But the human desire for power does not seem to have escaped our telepathic successors, and though my journey into Patternmaster is still in its infancy, I am beginning to wonder how much will really have progressed, even after we’ve evolved.



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